Incredible thing just happened to me…..

So we are having this garage sale tomorrow where we are giving everything away for free and asking people for donations instead of payment. All of the money we are going to donate to the Waterloo Regional Down Syndrome Society.

 So, I am out posting signs for the garage sale and I have a brilliant idea (as usual… Tongue firmly planted in cheek!).  I walk across to the Dairy Queen that is in our local plaza and ask for the manager. He introduces himself and I tell him about the garage sale and what we are raising money for and I ask him if he has any coupons or anything that I could give away to the people who make a donation.  I tell him that “we will tell people to go up to the Dairy Queen after they leave our garage sale”. He replies “I have tons of stuff you can have, give me one minute” and he heads back to his office. He comes back with a giant stack of coupons for free kids cones and 2 for 1 blizzards. I thank him very much, and tell him “we’ll be sure to tell everyone to come up” and I reassure him that all the money will be going to a great cause, we’ll be donating whatever we can raise to the Down Syndrome Society next week at their annual golf tournament. He replies “oh really I’m golfing in that tournament next week. That’s great!”.  So I tell him that “it’s such a small world and thanks again, I’ll keep an eye out for you next week at the tourney”. He shoots me a huge smile and replies… reaches out to shake my hand and says… “My Daughter has Downs Syndrome… Thank you very much for what you’re doing”


The Universe is a wonderful place to live. When you go out and do good things… strange and wonderful things seem to happen.


Have a wonderful weekend,